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19 October 2018
19 October 2018
19 October 2018
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20 October 2018


LORE Brings Real-World Horror Stories to BYU This Halloween

Aaron Mahnke plans to remind audiences that sometimes the truth is more frightening than fiction.   This Halloween, the BRAVO! series brings Aaron Mahnke, creator of the LORE podcast, and his collaborator Chad Lawson to the de Jong Concert Hall’s stage for their only 2018 live performance. LORE’s content is fitting for the Halloween performance […]


  “Forever, women have been expected to be a certain way, look a certain way. I know for me … I was never the girly-girl. When I first started touring, I didn’t even wear makeup — I wore jeans. … And then I started being told I needed to look different because I was going […]

Laura Benanti gets personal while mentoring BYU theatre students

The Tony Award winner offered life and industry advice to help music dance theatre students improve their craft Laura Benanti did not hide her feelings as she worked individually with student performers during her BYU masterclass. Some performances brought tears to her eyes, while others didn’t quite work for her. “I’m never a lover of […]

Agatha Christie’s ‘The Mousetrap’ Invites BYU Audiences to Keep the Secret

The BYU theatre department breathes fresh life into the murder mystery The BYU theatre department presents a classic Halloween offering when “The Mousetrap” opens on Oct. 26. “The Mousetrap” is one of famed mystery writer Agatha Christie’s most popular stories, but it holds the additional distinction of being the longest-running play in history. “I think […]