Into the Woods

November 17 2017
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Pardoe Theatre
Franklin S. Harris Fine Arts Center

The King’s Singers

November 16 2017
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de Jong Concert Hall
Franklin S. Harris Fine Arts Center

BYU Philharmonic

November 15 2017
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de Jong Concert Hall
Franklin S. Harris Fine Arts Center
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05 December 2017
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Jazz Ensemble Rings in the Christmas Season with “Just Around the Corner”

The concert will feature jazz standards and holiday favorites The BYU Jazz Ensemble will kick off BYU’s season of Christmas concerts with “Just Around the Corner” on Nov. 28 in the de Jong Concert Hall. “Music for this concert was specifically chosen to set the tone for the end-of-semester holiday concert season because it is […]

Three Actresses, One Character in ‘The Mill on the Floss’

Emily Moore, Madison Haws and Maddie Hall share their experience portraying the character of Maggie Tulliver in the stage adaptation of George Eliot’s novel First Maggie | Emily Moore Emily Moore felt excited and nervous after getting cast as First Maggie. However, after rehearsals started, she said the nerves went away. She loves working with […]

Fairytale Characters Personify the Human Experience in ‘Into the Woods’

With every fairy tale, there is always a moral to the story The fairy tale stories and characters you have come to know and adore will be depicted in a different light in the BYU Music Dance Theatre program’s production of “Into the Woods.” Opening on Nov. 17 with a “once upon a time…’, the […]

Ballet Showcase Redefines Classical and Contemporary Dance

Choreographed by faculty and personalized by the dancers, the showcase will feature variations of ballet styles New forms and approaches will be illuminated in this year’s production of Ballet Showcase, manifesting the new direction the world of ballet has been heading in recent years. Put on by the BYU Department of Dance, the showcase will […]