We rely on many volunteer ushers to help us with each of our events. Ushers help take tickets, dispense programs, and provide general information and directions to our patrons at all ticketed events. The best part of volunteering is that just before the event begins, you can slip into your reserved seat and enjoy the performance for free! All we ask is that you observe these simple rules:

  • Volunteer ushers must be current BYU students or employees.
  • Arrive one hour prior to the start of the performance. For performances in the Harris Fine Arts Center (HFAC), please come to the 3rd floor north lobby of the de Jong Concert Hall (this is the lobby closest to the Museum of Art, not the lobby outside the ticket office). For performances in the RB, please come directly to the RB Dance Studio Theatre (166 RB) and find the house manager.
  • Please wear a white button-up shirt, black pants or skirt, black socks or stockings, and black shoes. No jackets or sweaters, please.
  • Hair should be neatly combed or styled.
  • Please adhere to all BYU honor code dress policies (i.e. no facial hair, nose rings, etc.). Unfortunately, volunteers not adhering to the dress code will not be able to serve.
  • If an event has multiple performances, volunteers may only sign up for one performance of that event.
  • If you sign up to volunteer for an event, please don't forget to come. It's important to us that we have the full number of volunteers at each performance. If you sign up to volunteer but later discover you can't make it, please cancel by sending an email to tickets@byu.edu.
  • Volunteer ushers must be at least 18 years of age.
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Please note:
  • If an event has multiple performances, volunteers may only sign up for one performance of that event.
  • Events no longer appear in the drop down list once all spaces have been filled for that performance.

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