Standby Tickets for “Misalliance”

For any sold out performance of Misalliance (Nov. 5-21), standby ticketing will be offered at the door of the theatre immediately prior to the start of the performance. Please note:
  • The standby line begins forming one hour prior to the start of any sold out performance on the first floor of the HFAC at the bottom of the large white staircase outside the Margetts Theatre.
  • If any seats are available, the house manager will determine when and how many standby tickets to sell, starting five minutes before the performance begins.
  • All standby tickets are sold for the BYU ID price, $8 or $9 depending on the day of the week ($2 for final dress). No comps, discounts, or TMA Major tickets will be available in the standby line.
  • Only cash or check (payable to BYU) will be accepted as payment for standby tickets.
  • There is never any guarantee any standby tickets will be available for purchase. But usually when the Margetts is sold out we’ll have a few. We cannot guarantee any standby tickets will be available for purchase, however.
NOTE: We only offer standby ticketing for sold out general admission events. Reserved seat events never have standby ticketing.