Thank you for your interest in attending a performance or event at Brigham Young University. To make your experience the most pleasant it can be, please be aware of the following attendance and ticketing policies. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


The safest and cheapest place to buy tickets is through the BYU Ticketing website at https://byutickets.com/, Stub-hub is also an approved ticketing vendor. Other ticketing websites are not approved and may be predatory.
You can find a guide on how to access your mobile tickets at tickets.byu.edu/mobileticketguide.
Yes. The ticket offices in the HFAC and Marriott Center operate on the same ticketing system and function in real time. You get the exact same access to tickets at both locations. If you are coming to campus specifically to purchase tickets, the Marriott Center has more convenient parking than does the HFAC. You can also purchase tickets by calling (801) 422-2981 or online at byutickets.com.
Please visit byutickets.com. At the bottom of the page there is a chat feature. This will be the quickest way to connect to our box office staff, who can help make this change for you. You can also email the ticket office at byutickets@byu.edu.
These performances are not open to the public. To reserve tickets for your school group, please contact JoNell Stoddard at JoNell_Stoddard@byu.edu.
Yes. For many of our performances, we offer discounted tickets for groups of 10 or more. All of the tickets must be purchased in a single transaction by a single individual. Though we offer group discounts to many events, there are some which do not offer discounts of any kind. Please contact the BYU Ticket Office for information and to purchase tickets for your group.
You are eligible if you are a student at any institution, including elementary through high school, universities and trade schools.
Our senior discount starts at 62 years old.
Yes and no. We offer standby ticketing for all sold out performances using general admission (non-reserved) seating. This is most often limited to the Margetts Theatre and, on occasion, the Nelke Theatre. We never offer standby ticketing for sold out reserved-seat performances or events. Information about standby tickets can be found on the web page for the specific event or by contacting the BYU Ticket Office at (801) 422-2981.


Yes. Assisted listening devices are available, free of charge, for use in the de Jong Concert Hall, Pardoe Theatre, and Madsen Recital Hall in the Harris Fine Arts Center. These devices are unique to these venues and are not compatible with the system used in other locations on campus. Devices can be checked out at the HFAC ticket office prior to the start of the performance. Assisted listening devices are compatible only for performances that use amplified sound. Assisted listening devices will not work for acoustic and unreinforced performances. Assisted listening devices operate from an infrared system, and may not be compatible with all hearing aids and cochlear implants.
Yes. Each of our theatre productions has a designated ASL interpreted performance. Learn more here.
A person who has a state-issued disability permit or license plate may park in any disability stall, regular stall, or unlimited in a time stall that has a clock symbol on the designating sign. Disability stalls for the Harris Fine Arts Center (HFAC) are located directly east of the building in the lot between the HFAC, Wilkinson Student Center, and Law School. (Wheelchair access to the HFAC is available on the north and south ends of the building.) Parking on red curbs is prohibited. Disability permits are not allowed in specialty stalls such as Official, Dean, Director, Nursery, Service, or department issued stalls. Please check signs to ensure proper parking.
Yes. Following each performance, the front-of-house staff walks through the venue to retrieve any lost or forgotten items. They are taken to the HFAC Custodial Office (located in the “tunnel” on the 2nd floor of the building in the northeast corner). The next day all lost and found items are taken to the campus lost and found in the Wilkinson Student Center at 1055 WSC. They can be reached by calling (801) 422-3024. Learn more about BYU Lost and Found. Lost credit cards and BYU ID cards are taken to the HFAC Ticket Office for safekeeping until they are claimed by the owner. If they are not claimed within a reasonable period of time, they are destroyed.
Yes. We have a limited number of child booster seats available for any of the performances in the Harris Fine Arts Center. These can be obtained from an usher.
Bathrooms in the HFAC are located on each floor of the building. Ask an usher for directions. Bathrooms are also conveniently located nearby the Dance Studio Theatre in the Richards Building and at the Marriott Center.


No. Our venues are only available for use by official BYU departments. The reality is that the theatre and concert spaces in the Harris Fine Arts Center are in such high demand that little (if any) free time exists during the year for use by anyone other than the Dept. of Dance, Dept. of Theatre and Media Arts, School of Music, and BRAVO! Series.
Yes. We offer advertising in many of our programs. Please contact BYU Arts Marketing and Creative Services to learn more. (801) 422-9348.
We do not have an official dress code for any of our performances, although you are encouraged and invited to dress appropriately for the event you are planning to attend (in most cases, business casual or Sunday best). You will not be turned away if you are wearing jeans or shorts, but why not make a night of it and get dressed up? BYU students and employees must comply with the BYU Honor Code’s Dress and Grooming Standards.
No. A valid ticket is required for all performances for which tickets have been issued. Patrons are not allowed to enter ticketed performances for free at any time, even if seats are available.
In most cases, children age six and older may attend any of our performances. Some performances allow children younger than age six to attend. Babies in arms are not permitted at any of our performances.
Lengths of performances vary quite a bit. However, most music concerts in the de Jong Concert Hall last approximately 90 minutes, student recitals last one hour, dance concerts and plays often last 90 minutes to two hours or so. Musicals and operas often last two and a half hours.
No. Food and drink of any kind is not permitted in any of our venues except the Marriott Center.