BYU Arts performances and events


Order tickets to five pr more different on-campus events sponsored by BRAVO! Series, School of Music, Department of Dance, or Department of Theatre and Media Arts, and your order will be processed immediately — no need to wait for on-sale dates. Receive advanced access to tickets to BYU Spectacular! No additional discount applies. ArtsPASS holders will also be given exclusive first access to special offers throughout the year and receive advanced access to tickets to BYU Spectacular!

Fall Season

Summer Dancesport Challenge 8/9/2019-8/9/2019
An Evening with Patti LuPone – Don’t Monkey with Broadway 9/7/2019
World of Dance 9/19/2019-9/21/2019
Greek Theatre Festival Aeschylus’ PROMETHEUS BOUND 9/23/2019
BYU Instrumental Showcase 9/27/2019-9/27/2019
Thomas Hampson and Luca Pisaroni – No Tenors Allowed 10/1/2019
BYU Choir Showcase 10/3/2019
BYU Jazz Showcase 10/2/2019
With Two Wings 10/9/2019-10/19/2019
BYU Final Cut Film Festival 10/17/2019-10/19/2019
BYU Spectacular! 10/17/2019-10/18/2019
Opera: The Magic Flute 10/19/2019-10/26/2019
Microburst Theatre 10/24/2019-10/26/2019
BYU Wind Symphony 10/30/2019
Symphonic Band 11/1/2019-11/1/2019
King Kong Live! Featuring the BYU Philharmonic 11/2/2019
Noteworthy 2/28/2019
BYU Symphony Orchestra 11/5/2019
Noam Pikelny & Stuart Duncan 11/7/2019
A Wilder Night: Three Plays by Thorton Wilder 11/8/2019-11/23/2019
dancEnsemble 11/8/2019-11/9/2019
BYU Men’s and Women’s Chorus 11/8/2019-11/9/2019
BYU Cougar Marching Band 11/12/2019
BYU Jazz Ensemble 11/13/2019
Utah Symphony – Rhapsody in Blue 11/14/2019
Much Ado About Nothing 11/15/2019-12/7/2019
BYU Dance Sport 11/15/2019-11/16/2019
Ballet Showcase 11/15/2019-11/16/2019
BYU Syncopation 11/15/2019
BYU Singers and Concert Choir 11/16/2019
Tenebrae – Path of Miracles 11/19/2019
Synthesis 11/20/2019
Classical Percussion 11/21/2019
BYU Global Rhythm (formerly Evening of Percussion) 11/23/2019
University Strings and Orchestra 12/3/2019
Rump: New Musical Workshop 12/5/2019-12/7/2019
Christmas Around the World 12/6/2019-12/7/2019
Celebration of Christmas 12/6/2019-12/7/2019
University Chorale 12/10/2019
BYU Symphony Orchestra 12/11/2019
BYU Wind Symphony and Symphonic Band 12/12/2019
BYU Folk Music Ensemble 12/12/2019

Winter Season

Itzhak Perlman with the BYU Philharmonic 1/9/2020
Contemporary Play Festival 1/9/2020-1/18/2020
Vocal Point 1/10/2020-1/11/2020
New Owner (Off The Map) 1/22/2020-1/25/2020
Ballet in Concert: Swan Lake 1/23/2020-1/25/2020
Kuné – Canada’s Global Orchestra (Off The Map) 1/24/2020
Dublin Guitar Quartet 2/4/2020
Hamlet 2/5/2020-2/15/2020
BYU Jazz Ensemble and Syncopation 2/5/2020
BYU Contemporary Dance in Concert 2/6/2020-2/8/2020
BYU Wind Symphony 3/6/2020
Anderson and Roe 2/13/2020
Living Legends 2/14/2020-2/15/2020
Opera Scenes 2/19/2020-2/22/2020
BYU Combined Choirs and BYU Philharmonic: Carmina Burana 2/19/2020-2/20/2020
BYU Symphonic Band 2/26/2020
Essentially Ellington Jazz Festival 2/21/2020-2/22/2020
BYU Young Ambassadors: Welcome Home 2/29/2020
We Shall Overcome – A Celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Featuring Damien Sneed 3/3/2020
BYU Symphony Orchestra Concerto 3/5/2020
Little Shop of Horrors 3/6/2020
BYU Folk Music Ensemble 3/6/2020
BYU Philharmonic: Evening of Concertos 3/10/2020
US Amateur Dancesport 3/11/2020-3/14/2020
Szalonna and Band 3/13/2020
danceEnsemble 3/13/2020-3/14/2020
Airplay (Off The Map) 3/18/2020
Wendy and Peter Pan 3/20/2020-4/3/2020
BYU Jazz Ensemble 3/24/2020
BYU Men’s Chorus 3/26/2020-2/27/2020
Evening of Percussion 3/28/2020
Young Ambassadors 50th Anniversary 3/28/2020
BYU Symphony Orchestra 3/31/2020
Synthesis 4/1/2020
Zakir Hussain with Jayanthi Kumaresh & R. Kumaresh 4/2/2020
Broadway Revue 4/2/2020-4/3/2020
BYU Women’s Chorus 4/2/2020
BYU Chamber Orchestra 4/3/2020
BYU Symphonic Band 4/7/2020
BFA New York Showcase 4/8/2020-4/9/2020
Parsons Dance 4/10/2020
BYU Ballroom in Concert 4/10/2020-
BYU Philharmonic 4/10/2020
Syncopation 4/10/2020
University Orchestra and University Strings 4/11/2020
BYU Wind Symphony 4/11/2020
Ballet Showcase Workshop 4/11/2020
Baucis and Philemon a Multimedia Chamber Opera 4/14/2020-4/15/2020
University Chorale 4/14/2020
University Bands 4/15/2020
Evening of Dance 5/8/2020-5/9/2020
Spring Opera: TBA 6/10/2020-6/13/2020