“A Choral Kaleidoscope”: BYU Singers and Concert Choir Present a Colorful Array of Songs From Around the World

Concert Choir and BYU Singers present a colorful music program for audiences to enjoy

Although the bright colors of summertime have faded to autumn’s subdued tones, there’s nothing quite like music to cheer the chilling air and brighten up a darkening landscape. This November, join BYU Singers and Concert Choir as they perform music from around the world in their fall concert “A Choral Kaleidoscope.”

“Kaleidoscope suggests a wide variety of colors. And I think that that’s what the audience can expect,” said BYU Singers director Andrew Crane. “It’s a variety of musical colors and styles.”

Concert Choir director Brent Wells commented that the choir’s repertoire will include music from various cultures, including Haitian, Chinese and French folk songs. In singing these folk pieces, Wells aims to show the beauty of learning about other musical traditions.

“I hope that the audience gets this sense that there is beauty in many different cultures,” said Wells. “It’s valuable to experience the music and art and culture of other places and be able to appreciate that.”

The evening’s choral program will also include songs by American composer Eric Whitacre. In 2001, Whitacre released his first album that included music that he had written for and that was performed by the BYU Singers. Now, 20 years later, the choirs will be singing Whitacre’s compositions at this concert. These compositions also act as a teaser for Whitacre’s return to campus in March 2022.

In addition to folk pieces and music composed by Whitacre, audience members can look forward to the BYU Singers’ presentation of “musica eclectica,” named for a concert the choir performed last year that featured various musical styles. At this performance, BYU Singers will sing music from composers Ernesto Herrera and Alec Powell. 

“This is the most difficult and challenging music that we have performed thus far in the year,” said Crane. “It’s required [the] students to step up and to work hard and learn some difficult music and they … have met every challenge that I’ve asked them to.”

In preparation for the concert, both directors expressed their hope that audiences would find inspiration and connection through the music.

“We hope that [the audience will] be inspired both by the texts, but also by the beauty of the music making and the expression of the singing,” said Crane.

Don’t miss out on a kaleidoscopic evening of music with BYU Singers and Concert Choir!

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BYU Singers and Concert Choir: “A Choral Kaleidoscope”

de Jong Concert Hall

November 13 at 7:30 p.m.

All patrons are required to wear a mask while indoors at campus performance venues, regardless of vaccination status.