Vocal Point Promises to Surprise and Energize Audiences

Vocal Point Promises to Surprise and Energize Audiences

A capella group Vocal Point will perform two concerts in the de Jong Concert Hall on Jan. 13.

Vocal Point, BYU’s ever-popular a cappella group, will present concerts on Jan. 13 as their first performances of the year.

The nine-man ensemble has gained national recognition and performs regularly across the country. However, director McKay Crockett and group members, Nathan Cazmersen and David Steele, believe their home concerts to be the best.

“We are very excited to be performing on campus,” Crockett said. “There’s always a special energy when we’re on our home turf.”

“We perform all over the place throughout the semester,” Cazmersen said. “But singing for our hometown and fellow BYU students is always a really special experience. The energy is always high. It feels less like a performance and more like a party.”

The group was formed over 25 years ago and the members have always consisted of current BYU students who add their own personality and flair to the performances.

“We have that same Vocal Point experience that everyone loves,” Crockett said. “But we’ve got new faces, new music and a few brand new surprises that will be sure to bring a smile.”

The group wants to keep the musical selections as a surprise for the audience, but they promise crowd favorites as well as new arrangements.

“I think audiences will enjoy the concert because more than ever we’ve tried to integrate all types of music, from pop to inspirational to downright funny,” Steele said. “We even sing a song in Finnish.”

“In our concerts, we always try to provide an experience that has spiritually impactful moments,” Cazmersen said, “as well as some truly hilarious ones. This year, I think we’ve really struck a good balance of the two. The audience will leave feeling uplifted, but also with sore cheeks and abs from laughing so hard.”

The show will also include new lighting and projection effects which Cazmersen promises will provide a whole new level of interaction and presentation.

“There are a few moments in the show that are really powerful,” Cazmersen said. “We love to sing about the things that are most important to us, and we always take the chance to do so.”

Tickets and Show Details

Performance Dates and Times: Jan. 13 | 2:00 & 7:30 p.m.

Location: de Jong Concert Hall, Franklin S. Harris Fine Arts Center, BYU

Price: $13, $2 off with BYU or student ID

Tickets: Available in person at the BYU Ticket Office in the Harris Fine Arts Center or Marriott Center, by phone at 801-422-2981 or online at byuarts.com