Performances for Children Under 6

As a general rule, children under the age of six are not admitted to performances. However, the performances listed here are open to younger children (see each specific event for the minimum age for that event). Parents and guardians should use their own best judgement in determining which performances are most appropriate for their children within the age restrictions. (Just because children 6+ are admitted to certain performances doesn’t necessarily mean it’s appropriate for that age group.) Children under the age of two, including babes in arms, are not admitted to any performances except the four School of Music Family Concert Series events.

Performances to which children under age six are admitted include (see each specific event for the minimum age for that event):
BYU Dance in Concert (formerly eviDANCE), Young Company: Cyrano and Macbeth, Ballet Showcase, Noteworthy, Mary Poppins, Christmas Around the World, Vocal Point, Young Ambassadors, Living Legends, Evening of Dance, and school matinees.

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